Beauflor suggests that wherever possible the purchaser uses a professional installer in order to obtain the best results from their purchase. Please read the complete instructions in our manual prior to hot welding our vinyl floor covering.

The procedure is a follows:

  • Install the floor covering as described in the Beauflor installation method leaving a gap of max. 1mm at the seam. Allow the adhesive to dry for a minimum of 48 hours before hot-welding the seams.
  • When the adhesive has fully cured , cut a groove along the seam using a standard grooving tool.
  • Once the flooring has been grooved the seam must be cleaned free from dust. This can be done using a soft brush or by blowing the seam clean using a standard hot-welding gun on its lowest available heat setting.
  • The seam is welded using standard 4mm welding cable in a suitable colour as agreed with the end-user.
  • It is always best to do a trial weld on a piece of waste flooring in order to set the correct temperature and welding speed. This is because all floor coverings and welding cables have different compositions and react differently under heat. As a guide the weld gun should be set to a temperature between 425°C and 450°C. The speed of welding varies between floor coverings. The speed must be slow enough to ensure a good weld between the cable and the floor covering but not too slow that the surface of the floor covering is discoloured in any way.
  • In order to reduce the risk of burning the surface we recommend the use of a special speedweld nozzle (see Appen- dix). This type of nozzle concentrates the heat into the groove and reduces the risk of scorching.
  • Once the seam has been welded the first trim can be done. This must be done using a half-moon knife and a sledge (see Appendix). This allows most of the excess welding cable to be trimmed away whilst still warm.
  • The remaining welding cable must be allowed to cool to room temperature before further trimming. Failure to do this will mean that the welding cable may contract as it cools creating a dished surface which is unsightly and can trap dirt.
  • Once the weld is completely cool the final trimming can be done. This is done using the half-moon knife this time without the sledge. Care must be taken with the angle of attack and the sharpness of the blade to ensure a clean cut without digging into the surface of the product.
  • Once the weld has been trimmed flush to the surface the job is complete.

There is sometimes a difference in gloss between the weld cable and the floor covering. This can be reduced by “glazing” the weld using the heat gun. Again this is best tested on a waste sample before use on the full job to judge the correct temperature and heating time required.

The tools shown in the catalogue can be purchased from most reputable flooring distributors. Further information can be found if you visit